Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews


Ikeep reading about how NLS is constantly improving their selection of
digital books, and how there are more improvements planned. Tough, very
tough, not to be jealous. The CNIB library is doing what it can and,
with one realy annoying exception, they're doing it well. But the amount
of money CNIB has to work with is infinitesimal compared to NLS, and
with NLS refusing to cooperate with libraries from other countries,
we're limited. If I lived seventy miles south of here I'd have access to
all kinds of books that just aren't available to me here.It's all
politics, and the reader is the victim of it. Ditto Bookshare. Sure, we
have the option of paying a full membership fee for about 15% of the
content, much of that public domain anyway, but what kind of a realistic
option is that? In a society of illiteracy, a society that doesn't care
about reading, why is the American government bent on policing the world
with one hand, and denying any other countries' blind people access to
reading material with another? Interlibrary loan should work both ways.

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