Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

More NLS

So NLS has gotten more funding. Well yippee. Yet another thing Stream
owners all across America will be talking about for days, talking about
how it benefits absolutely all blind people, when of course it doesn't.
Well, I am truly glad for American blind people. They're getting what we
should be getting access to more reading material. Just because
I'm locked out doesn't mean I begrudge the person who isn't. It doesn't,
however, mean that it's not painful. Our people say it's their people's
fault, their people say it's our people's fault. I'm told by someone on
"our side" who I trust deeply that it really is "their side"'s fault.
I'm sure if I had friends who were highers up on "their" side, they'd
tell me that it was most definitely "our side"'s fault. You sknow
something, people? I really don't care at this point. The American blind
person has free access to substantially, and I do mean substantially,
more reading material than I do, and for that I'm truly happy. Someone
is getting more of a fair shake in this respect. But all I want to do is
read the stupid books! Is that asking so much? A novel is published,
it's a bestseller. The Library of Congress produces it. We used to have
a deal where we could purchase that production for inclusion in our
library. They they cut us off, but we could still borrow cassettes
through interlibrary loan. Then they cut us off from that. So if I want
to read this best seller that someone seventy miles away from me is
reading, I have to wait for CNIB, with considerably less money and
considerably less staff, to produce this book, this book that's already
been produced! Can you say "reinventing the wheel"? I don't care whose
fault it is, just let me read!

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