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Bruce, Caroline

Serious Question of the Day

What makes a person a good or a nice person? Conversely, what makes a person a bad person or a mean person?


I've got a few ideas, but I fear the reason why you haven't gotten any response is the question might be seen as a bit on the broad side. Nothing wrong with asking it, mind ya, but it's a tadly bit broad. Plus the concepts of good and bad can't necessarily be summed up in a catchy little slogan. So consider my ideas here like a small fraction of the concepts. Now, a good person has compassion and empathy for others and understands it is better to be kind to people than to treat them craptastically. Not necessarily because they might be promised some kind of reward, earthly or heavenly or otherwise, but just because there's a basic understanding that you get more flies with honey than vinegar, if you're the type who likes your honey all full of flies. Ewww!
Remember, that idea is just a tiny fraction to get the wheels rolling, so now, let's talk about a bad person. Bad people, at least some of them, are sadists. They find it amusing to hurt others on purpose and they make it a sport, or just an amusement to frighten away yucky boredom. Now, this is different than a person who causes an unintentional offence. Since you did not intend to hurt somebody else's feelings with malice and forethought, you're not bad. See, both the good person and the bad person are not flawless or perfect. By your nature, you're going to screw up and that's just how the cookie crumbles, so don't go poke needles in your eyes to punish yourself for unintentionally giveing somebody an emotional ouchie. Just say, "Sorry about that, chief" and get on with your life. See, being offended might sting or hurt, but it's not gonna kill ya, so it's not the worst thing in the world. Murder is one of the worst things in the world because for one thing, you can't get over murder. You can get over offence and so can others if they choose to. Sadly, some people feel they can benefit from letting things eat them up and making sure others know it, and that's also part of being bad. So, now that your head is spinning and I've left you completely baffled and confused, go fetch yourself an ice-cold Coke and ... and ... what in tarnation was I going to say?