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Bruce, Caroline

Doom and Gloom

Someone pointed out to me a few years ago that Bomber fans are the most
fair-weather fans around, and I'm starting to agree.

We were out for dinner yesterday, and someone asked the group what we
thought of the Bombers after their first game, which we lost. The
resulting answers were along the lines of, "Loks like my prediction for
a crappy season will be correct" and "I guess they won't be a contender,
look at allt he mistakes." One game? They were a wonderful team one
minute, then three hours later they suck? How can you base any judgment
either way on the first game?


"The Man" and other devout baseball fans I know would agree with you. "The Man" watches, or listens to, depending on how he can get them, his San Diego Padres even though for several years they were the worst team in baseball. Sure he'd get annoyed, but they were his team and he never turned his back on them. Our friend Larry is like that iwth his Oakland Athletics, etc.
Go Bombers! :)