Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Bomber Meal

This isn't one of my standard polls, this is just me looking for some help. I like to order in from a restaurant during a Bomber game. The game is tomorrow. Please help me to decide from where I should order.

Poll #1220939 What Shall I Eat?

From where shall I order my dinner?

Chicken Delight (great pizza, chicken, potato wedges, serve Coke)
Niakwa Pizza (great pizza, some other foods too, do not serve Coke)
Little Caesar's (great pizza, great bread sticks, great honey-garlic chicken wings, serve Coke)
Domino's (good pizza, great bread sticks, fast service, serve Coke)
Diana's Gourmet Pizza (exceptional pizza, good bread sticks, rather expensive, do not serve Coke)
Pizza Hug (good pizza, great bread sticks, do not serve Coke)
Marigold's (Chinese food, serve Coke but only in cans)
Other, please specify in comments
Tags: food

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