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Bruce, Caroline

Bomber Meal

This isn't one of my standard polls, this is just me looking for some help. I like to order in from a restaurant during a Bomber game. The game is tomorrow. Please help me to decide from where I should order.

Poll #1220939 What Shall I Eat?

From where shall I order my dinner?

Chicken Delight (great pizza, chicken, potato wedges, serve Coke)
Niakwa Pizza (great pizza, some other foods too, do not serve Coke)
Little Caesar's (great pizza, great bread sticks, great honey-garlic chicken wings, serve Coke)
Domino's (good pizza, great bread sticks, fast service, serve Coke)
Diana's Gourmet Pizza (exceptional pizza, good bread sticks, rather expensive, do not serve Coke)
Pizza Hug (good pizza, great bread sticks, do not serve Coke)
Marigold's (Chinese food, serve Coke but only in cans)
Other, please specify in comments


Maybe it's an obsession with me lately, I don't know, but I think you should skip the pizza and go for KFC. You're one of the lucky ones who can get KFC delivery, so you should take advantage of it. GRIN!
Yeah, obsession sounds about right. *GRIN*
I picked Chicken Delight for the simple reason that they need the business.
I never see anyone in there.
LOL They really do have good pizza, you know.
Yeah, their pizza is good. I haven't been in there in years though. Perhaps I should take my own advice.

As for Diana's...I kinda feel out of love for them. In the last two newsletters that they sent out, the owner complained about a "conspiracy" as to why she didn't take top prize at the annual Pizza Tournament in Las Vegas. She wasn't trying to be humorous either, it came across as being a sore loser. Then in the next newsletter, she complained about former employees which she had to fire because they got "lame". I thought that was in poor taste too. An employer should rise above that. I wouldn't want to work for her...so now I don't order from her. There's an even BETTER pizza in Transcona (Mr. B's). It is THE best pizza I have ever tasted. (GRIN)
The meatball pizza just really enthralled me, though. I haven't seen that anywhere else. But the best pizza I have ever, ever, ever had in my life is in a Wisconsin chain that I visited last April.
I love little ceasar. We had that in california but not out here in MA. I had no idea the chain had made it so far. I love their sauce.
I totally agree with you about the sauce. Mmmm.
I just ordered chinese. mmm.