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Bruce, Caroline

Supplemental Question of the Day

I know there are exceptions. Many of the exceptions are on my friends
list, in fact.

Why is it that so many Mac users are so intent on telling anybody and
everybody in every way they can that they're using a Mac?


Hi Bruce, I linked to your LJ from the Pac mate listserv. If I remember correctly, I also saw you on a list related to the Seeing Eye when I was considering going there for a dog. Anyway, mind if I add you to my friends' list? Anyone who wonders that about a Mac is worthy of being called a friend, especially considering I know some of the "exceptions" you mentioned! LOL! It's like I told my friend Jesse. I'm content with my Lenovo Thinkpad and don't intend to learn a new OS any time soon.
I just got a Lenovo laptop a few months ago and absolutely love it. No, you wouldn't have seen me on any guide dog list. I was thinking of going for a dog at one point, but never did, and probably never will, I just don't think a dog is for me. I'd be honored if you added me as a friend, thanks so much for writing.
Which Lenovo did you get? I got the Thinkpad X61 and love its portability!