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Bruce, Caroline

Strange News Stories

Listening to the 7:00 news. Barry Burns says that Canada is lagging
behind other nations when it comes to cellphone use, a fact which makes
me feel a lot better about the fact that I'm considering dropping my
cellphone entirely after my contract runs out. The wording of the report
almost suggests befuddlement over the fact that fewer Canadians have
cellphones than Americans. The answer is clear enough to anyone who has
had cause to compare the prices in the two countries: Canadian cellphone
plans suck compared to their US counterparts. It really is as simple as
that. Try to find a cellphone plan that offers nationwide calling and
nationwide roaming and charges you a monthly fee of less than hundreds
of dollars. I love this country, but the fact is that our cell providers
are shooting themselves in the foot at every turn.


Yes, but they can get away with it. Because they're also Canada's landline providers, Canada's cable/satelite TV providers, Canada's internet providers... in short, the same big 3 companies run the big 3 industries in Canada.
But the situation isn't hugely different in the States in that respect, and their cellphone prices are much, much more reasonable. I will say that we have better landline service and pricing.
The states have more choices than we do though. Cable providers alone the US basicly has 3 of 'em. Most of Canada only has one, realisticly speaking, what with Shaw being a subsidiary of Rogers and all that.
That's okay. I'd never touch cable TV again if it were the last source for TV on earth. It's ExpressVu all the way for me. No cable or satellite company in Canada or the States can touch it when it comes to provisions for described video.
Another area where you and I differ. Speaking of experts of screwing folks over, I won't touch Bell with a 10-foot pole. Only reason I have their phone service is because everyone around here's using Bell's lines anyway, so you're still dealing with them, if indirectly.
Well, now, if you and I actually agreed on something, I think there would be a lot of people on our friends lists who would be concerned that either or both of us was ill.
Plus you'd have no one to not so periodically give you a headache.
This is true, and you know how much I value those headaches!
Yeah...I had a pay-as-you-go phone for awhile (in case of emergencies) but I stopped buying time for it. I never use it. I'm truly amazed at their recent announcement to charge for INCOMING text messages...15 cents is not much, but it sure does add up. Greed, greed, greed. It will eventually be the death of them.
Let's see. My new bill cycle started on July 11. Between then and now I've used 88 text messages. At 15 cents a message, I'm already up to $13.20. Ouch! Yes, I think I'll stick to my unlimited plan. SMILE!
Now come on! You guys know you love each other. LOL!