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Bruce, Caroline

A Word to the Wise

If you book Handi-Transit (pr ParaTransit, or Dial-A-Ride, or whatever
they call it for you) on a weekly basis for things such as work, and you
find yourself thinking, "I have until tomorrow to book, I'll do it
later", don't kid yourself. Do it now. Do it yesterday! Do it the day
before yesterday, just don't wait until the last minute, especially if
there exists the danger of sleeping through that last minute. It was
that kind of thinking that necessitated a $20 cab trip thir morning.
I've heard of some people who can phone their employer and say, "I'm
having trnasportation problems today, so I can't make it into work," and
their employer will say, "Okay, I understqand, we'll see you tomorrow."
I don't have such an employer, I've never had such an employer, I don't
envision a day when I ever will have such an employer. Now please,
someone, write me a message or send me a comment that will just
completely make my day!


Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Only it cost me $30. That... hurt. Better still is when I'd get off work at mumble o'clock in the morning, when no sane person would be awake even if they worked public transit. Taxi was the only way to ride then. Ever been at that point in school where every day the schoolyard bully'd punch you in the gut and take your lunch money?
I didn't get lunch money. I had to make friends with the janitor so he could hand me the scraps every day from the garbage cans. It was sad.
Oh, well then you just suck. I laugh at you.
Just see if I ever ask you to head up a feed-the-children campaign.
Like you would have before anyway.
You'll never know if I would have before, will you? There you'll be, lying awake nights wondering, "If only I hadn't said that, if only I hadn't laughed at him." You'll be picking up the phone and going "Bruce, please tell me ..." except I won't tell you because you don't know my phone number.
Small blessings. Small blessings indeed.
Coke and pizza.
Coke and steak.
Coke and chocolate cake.

I heard they are coming out with coke-flavored toothpaste.
Okay, now that's just nasty!! Coke-flavored toothpaste? I guess I'm not hungry anymore. GRIN!
Don't knowck it, Sweetie. To me, it sounds ... strangely appealing.
does anyone have such an employer? woe, I want one like that. Sorry boss, can't come in, I missed the bus!
As for making your day; all I have is 42


To my dearest Bruce, here's this rhyme.
To make it right, I will take time.
He is a dear, he is a friend,
but there's something I cannot comprehend.
Why does he like ketchup so?
It comes out of the bottle too slow.
Not like a coke, that fizzes and sings,
Not like chicken, a wonderful thing.
The coke fizzes and the chicken is made many ways,
but the ketchup is the same for all Earth's days.
So why I ask, again and again,
to this dearest Bruce, this wonderful friend,
What is so good about the red stuff?
Tell me please, not off the cuff.
And so this charming rhyme shall end,
in hopes it brings a smile to my friend.
For Bruce is the finest man,
better than a bottle or can,
of anything at all, I say,
and now with that, I'll go away.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers. The peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked popped, and pickled pepper peelings provided pickled pepper pleasure throughout the province.