Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

The Joy of Star Trek Novels

I know not everyone likes Star Trek novels, and that's fine, I don't
like all the books that everyone else likes either. But I do love Star
Trek novels.

The first Star Trek novel I ever experienced was, oddly enough, the
first original Star Trek novel ever written: Spock Must Die by
James Blish. My high school band instructor found it at a second-hand
bookstore in 1987, and lent it to me.My dad read it to me. After that, I
listened to a bunch of the Simon & Schuster Audio abridgements. Then NLS
finally started getting into the act - this was back when NLS would sell
books to our library here in Canada. I ate up every Star Trek book I
could find. And I still do, whatever the source. If it's text, I much
prefer reading it in braille, as I don't much like listening to
synthesized speech for leisure. Thank goodness for braille displays.

Did I have a point in posting this? Apparently not.

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