Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews


So for most of the night, I keep waking up with a start, convinced that
I've just heard the alarm. Then I realize that since I'm not hearing Bob
Irving blaring out a sports report, I must be wrong. Then I fall asleep
again, only to have the cycle repeat itself.

Then I do wake up to the alarm this time, I know it. I get up, and
man am I ever struggling.Forty minutes later, in a panic, I've got my
pants on and I'm stumbling to the closet in search of a shirt. I am
still overwhelmingly tired, and this time I detour past my table with
the clock radio on it, because I want to see if I am in any danger of
missing my ride. I find out that not only am I not late for my ride, but
it's an hour earlier than I thought it was. Turns out I hadn't awakened
to the alarm after all, but that I had again only thought I had.
So I remove the pants, fall back into bed, and of course, now I sleep
like the proverbial baby, only to be really awakened by the alarm forty
minutes later, complete with Bob Irving blaring out a sports report. So
there's my news for the day, something you'll probably never hear about
on CJOB, unless they get incredibly
despearate. I wanna go back to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: update

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