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Bruce, Caroline

Another Grammar Gripe

It looks as though many people have forgotten what the difference is
between "effect" and "affect". An effective example of correct usage
would be:

If we effect those changes, the modifications will affect all of us.

In the last few weeks especially, I've been seeing people consistently
using "effect", when they mean "affect": "This won't effect us", that
sort of thing. How far will the language have slid by the end of the
century, I can't help but wonder.


And if we were all English majors, it'd be worth ranting about. It's just the internet. If I screw something up grammatically, we'll all live.
And if I thought that most of the offenders limited their misdeeds to informal e-mail, I might, just might, agree with you. But I fear that these people genuinely don't know the difference, they don't know the difference between "a" and "an", and that the basic reason is the demise of braille. Besides, what do you care, you're supposed to be too nervous to read my ramblings.
News flash. Braille or not, people's grammatical abilities will still be clusterfucked. Just like people who rely on print.

And, I can be nervous and still harass the royal hell out of you.