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Bruce, Caroline

Another Grammar Gripe

It looks as though many people have forgotten what the difference is
between "effect" and "affect". An effective example of correct usage
would be:

If we effect those changes, the modifications will affect all of us.

In the last few weeks especially, I've been seeing people consistently
using "effect", when they mean "affect": "This won't effect us", that
sort of thing. How far will the language have slid by the end of the
century, I can't help but wonder.


I'm in college and only recently figured out the difference between "affect" and "effect." I was finally able to find someone who could explain it to where it made sense, but even still, I occasionally question myself on which one to use. Now, I just try to keep in mind that "effect" is a noun, and if what I'm saying doesn't involve one, then I throw it out. LOL.