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Bruce, Caroline

I'm Gonna Be Rich

It's the breakfast food idea of the century, for kids addicted to
hotdogs, and for the kid in all of us. I'll call it the Piggy Pooch,
that way it even sounds unhealthful. You fashion a hotdog-type bun out
of English muffin dough. In it you place a breakfast sausage link
wrapped in a cheese slice, surrounded by eg and slathered with syrup.
You could even have piggy pooch street venders outside office buildings
for the working crowd who have no time for breakfast. Instead of a hot
dog and a bag of chips, grab a Piggy Pooch and hash browns. I'm gonna be
rich, I'm gonna be rich!


Um, Mister Genius, you've just gone and told everyone about your idea. Now anyone can take it and run with it. Me thinks your windfall of cash just blew away in the breeze. GRIN!!!
Ah, nobody reads my LJ anyway except you. *HUGS*
Your idea has just been stolen and patened by me, but I didn't bother with the stupid syrup... no sir! I slathered my version in KETCHUP! Mmmmmmm!