Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Doing the Government's Work for Them

I'm a land-owner. I was given eighty acres of farmland from my father
before he died. I rent this out to my brother.

We have this evil thing in Canada called the Goods and Services Tax,
GST. It used to be 7%, but the Conservatives cut it to five. My brother
is required to pay this 5% GST on the rent of the land. It is my duty to
collect it. The government won't reimberse me the cost of the check, nor
the cost of the stamp. Tax collecting should be the government's job,
but I am obligated to do their work for them, to pay any associated
costs, and it's free labor. What a country! If you're a retailer, a
land-owner, or anyone else who takes in money for which sales taxes or
the GST need to be paid, you're doing the blasted government's job for
them. Is that fair? And if you do their job well, do you get thanked for
the free work? Nope. You get a notice from them telling you they won't
fine you for another year. What a country! What a world! What a society.
This is civilized, folks, this is a sign that humanity has improved over
the years. Get what, guys, it hasn't. Humans are the same collection of
ignorant morons we've always been.
Tags: rant

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