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Bruce, Caroline

Place Names

I think the coolest place-name in this country is Coquitlam. I think it'd be cool to be from a place called Coquitlam. But I'm not. So maybe I'll name my first-born child Coquitlam. Think anyone'd object?


I object strongly Mr. Toews. Hugs!
This makes ... what? ... 100% of my suggestions to which you have objected? I sense a pattern here, Madam.
Most observant of you sir. By the way, you forgot to add hugs.
So I did. But physician, heal thyself. You forgot too. HUGS
I omitted them to prove a point actually. Lol. Hugs!
So do you feel you made your point, whatever it may have been, and does the fact that it has escaped the rest of us bother you? HUGE HUGS
Not really, no. Lol! Hugs!