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Bruce, Caroline

I Wish

I wish someone would invent an odorless coffee.


I curse you with an insatiable addiction to pepsi for your blasphemy.
You can not curse me with the impossible.
If you can wish for the impossible, I sure as hell can.
I love coffee! I love how it tastes. But sadly, I have no sense of smell, so cannot comment about the odor. they can invent an odorless coffee, but they'd better not change the taste. Sometimes, there's nothing better than a very hot, steamy, blissful cup of the java.
I'm not exagerating here, the smell has made me on the verge of throwing up all morning. There's a fan going, and the fan is taking air right from the vacinity of Ali's coffee and blowing it right at me. Then of course it's break time, and everyone goes charging to the Tim Horton's across the street for more swill to stink up the place and make me puke. What a lovely day.
google nose plugs, get some when your chick is there, bang you got yourself the coffeeless world you so wish you were born into. Shazza, agree coffee is the shtuff of champions. I had to try decaf because of my brother's heart condition he and I both said, never again.
Too bad they don't use covered cups. It'd hold in the temperature for them and keep you from suffering so much!
I love both the taste and the smell. Don't take that away. Hahahahaha!