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All Quiet on the Employment Front

The only thing I've heard from the Department of Education since I was asked to resubmit my resume was a call last Friday from the woman whose position I would be filling, telling me that the job date has been pushed back to October. What the bleep's going on? It's as though they have hoards of applications to go through, and there's this huge gaggle of people who exceed the qualification requirements for the position, and I have to wait my turn while they process everyone else. Did they find someone more qualified? How will I feel if they do? I've given up predicting my emotional response to the unknown, I'm never right. Are they so desperate not to hire me that they'll go really far afield, or accept someone with inferior qualifications just to make sure I don't get it? Or am I just being paranoyd and dealing with a government doing what governments do? My friend, the former occupant of the job, can't tell me anything, and I very much doubt, for professional reasons, that she'd tell me if she could.

Let's see, what else? funblindsinger is having network connectivity trouble with her laptop ... I really wish I could help her. I'm listening to a dramatization of The Inimitable Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse. It was one of the packages I got in the mail and to which I alluded on the weekend. The other was a Christmas gift that I purchased in advance.

You can wake up now, this communications channel is closed for the moment.

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