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Bruce, Caroline

Going Public with a Theory: What is Libel?

I'd like to ask a question of anyone reading this who possesses any
legal knowledge. I have a theory concerning a current event, and I'm
thinking I might as well go public with that theory. I have no proof for
the theory, nor do I wish to pretend to have any of that proof, but to
me it does fit the facts as I understand them. While I'd like to go
public with this theory, I don'g want to be guilty of libel, slander,
defamation, or anything else like that. I would like to know what, in
general terms, would constitute libel and where the line is drawn
between libel and opinion/conjecture. Anyone want to take this question?


What it really comes down to is whether or not it was said with the intent to cause damage to the image, reputation, or character of the individual/entity that theory concerns. If a reasonable person would be able to determine whether or not there was any intent to achieve a negative publicity for the entity in question, then a lawsuit claiming lible/slander/defamation wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Unfortunately, more often than not the burden of proof ends up being on the person being sued, as if they're taking the matter to court, they've usually already got plenty of evidence that it's your opinion/theory/whatever that's doing damage.