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Bruce, Caroline


So yesterday I got four, count 'em, four, messages from blinknation.com. It's supposed to be some social networking site. I got four messages, one to each of four e-mail accounts I use or used, thanking me for subscribing and asking for my verification.

This is spam in the truest sense of the word, and I resent it. At worst, the site admin is trying to solicit membership by grabbing e-mail addresses from mailing lists. At best, the site allows for indiscriminate signing of of e-mail addresses with no form of verification in place to attempt to prevent this sort of thing. Either way, in my opinion, the site is responsible and needs to be held accountable for the e-mails I received sent through them. I don't care if this site is the best thing since sliced Coke, if they are not going to behave responsibly, then they need to be taken to task. If I had received a personal e-mail asking if I would like to join, that would be different. But the nature of the e-mail clearly indicates that it was automated, and so I will not be giving these people the benefit of the doubt.

I also hate teh term "blink". To me, a blind person calling him or herself a blind is the equivalent to an African-American calling him or herself by the N-word. I know not all blind people agree with me, and that's fine, this is just my personal opinion.


Totally agree. It's very stupid that the site admin isn't held responsible, but lets be honest, why the hell would the blind want to be even more segregated from the sited community then we already are? Do sited people scare us so much that we need our own widdle blind social networking site? Sorry, but so many mainstream sites work just fine, if not without web visum, then with it. I'd rather use a site that wouldn't make my sited friends laugh and feel disgusted. We've already got a forum community with the zone, this is just overkill. Not only that but other blind only communities like klango at least play like the sited social networks allowing for devs to use API's to build on top of the site adding features. Isn't the point of social networking sites to network with everyone of your friends? It is to me, anyway. Blinknation, stupid name notwithstanding totally misses the point of social networking. BlinkNation just seems so backwards compared to facebook, bebo, and so many other sites.