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Bruce, Caroline

The Real LJ Idol

People may think I'm crazy, nuts, deranged, strange, and all stuff like
that there, and they'd be right. I am indeed all these things to the
power of about a quarter million. And this is why, among other things, I
will again be participating in therealljidol this year. I am
a returning contestant, having participated in last year's festivities
under my then username, Brucetola.

The Real LJ Idol is a zillion times better than Canadian or American
Idol, by virtue of the fact that it isn't Canadian or American
Idol. And since I can't participate in CJOB's Talk Show Idol contest because I
have a job, this shall be my outlet. I look forward to the competition.
I hope there are no gold stars this year, but even if there are, I shall
press on uncomplainingly, a Coke in one hand, a keyboard in the other.
And so, having said all that, I'll shut up, let the game begin.


Welcome back!
I wish you loads of inspiration and good grammar!