Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Good Morning

Hi all,

I want to welcome all those who have added me to their friends lists
over the last few days, thanks in no small part to the LJ Idol
competition. I do plan to add you back, but unfortunately my work has
blocked LiveJournal, meaning I can no longer work on such things during
my breaks. The timing couldn't be worse, as my intentions this year are
to participate in green rooms and so on during the Idol competition much
more heavily than I did last year. So if I am slow to respond with LJ,
please humor me as these circumstances are beyond my control.

So what's up today? We have a meeting this morning at work ... I forgot
my melatonin, so will likely be awake for it. Bleh. After work I am
getting together for supper with my pastor. Tomorrow evening I'm
planning to have some friends over for pizza and a Bomber game. I am hoping our
glorious Bombers can extend their earth-shattering winning streak to two
games. Pregame show is on CJOB
starting at 5:30 PM Central, with the game to follow an hour later,
called by the world's best football play-by-play guy.
Tags: update

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