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Bruce, Caroline

Life's Pressing Questions

1. Teddy bears; Winnie the Pooh; Care Bears; bears are always
represented to children as being cute and cuddly, lovable and friendly.
In real life, your average bear considers children good eating. Why the

2. How can anyone eat a fungus?

3. How can anyone not like the Douglas Adams books?

4. How can anyone not like Corner Gas?

5. Who has the authority to tell me about what syntax I am or am not
allowed to use in grammar, and on what basis did they earn that
authority? Why do we bow to it?

6. Is the fact that it's 9:18 AM as I write this at all relevant?


Okay, I felt obligated to answer because I'm bored!

1. that is why I collect stuffed dogs. At least real dogs are friendly and cuddly.

2. Let's see. Fungus tastes good? LOL. Put a bunch of garlic, a-1, and worcestershire sauce on it, and mmm!

3. Who is Douglas Adams?

4. I guess because I have no idea what it is. LOL.

5. Nobody!!! We bow to it because we were taught to do so, and who likes breaking grammatical rules other than people who don't know them? LOL.

6. Nah.