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Bruce, Caroline

Saying Goodbye: LJ Idol, Week 1

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye this morning,
What else could I do?
I really wasn't left with any choice,
I had to leave abruptly,
Though I really hope you heard,
The pain and anguished torture in my voice.

It's true, the time when we're together
Fills me with such joy,
But I truly hope that you can understand,
I had to do the things I did,
Despite this empty voide,
This is a time when life just isn't grand.

I had to say goodbye to you,
Just know that I'll be back,
The pain and hurt's so real, but it shall end,
You'll fold me up in your embrace,
My joy will be complete:
Tonight, dear bed, I'll sleep in you again.


Too funny!

I loved it. :)
Just know that if you were presenting this and I was there, I would be cheering and applauding for you right now! LOL! I love this, and you can probably guess why. Ah, the pleasures of the bed.
This was a really cute take on the topic. :)
*giggle* I think I know someone else who would appreciate this.
For writing something humorous.

I pat my bed goodbye every morning. It feels the love. :)

My pleasure. After about half a dozen false starts, this little piece kind of wrote itself. And it was most certainly from the heart.
Nice twist and thank you for the laugh!
Haha. Glorious. A nice light entry. Refreshing.
That was good, clean, fun. Loved it!
*snort* Loved this!
Lol very clever! :)
good luck in idol! :)
This was so cute! I am not the poetic type, although I've seen you with other friends on my FList, and hope you don't mind if I friend you. I've voted you! Good luck to you in LJI. (This is my first year as well....)
Great entry
Oh little brother! You made me laugh quite hard! Great job!
Very cute, loved the twist. :)

Best of luck in Idol.
brilliant. This was fun!
Very nice! The first poem I ever wrote was from the point of view of my bed. Takes me back. :)
Love the surprise ending!