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Bruce, Caroline

Saying Goodbye: LJ Idol, Week 1

Saying Goodbye

I had to say goodbye this morning,
What else could I do?
I really wasn't left with any choice,
I had to leave abruptly,
Though I really hope you heard,
The pain and anguished torture in my voice.

It's true, the time when we're together
Fills me with such joy,
But I truly hope that you can understand,
I had to do the things I did,
Despite this empty voide,
This is a time when life just isn't grand.

I had to say goodbye to you,
Just know that I'll be back,
The pain and hurt's so real, but it shall end,
You'll fold me up in your embrace,
My joy will be complete:
Tonight, dear bed, I'll sleep in you again.


Too funny!

I loved it. :)