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Bruce, Caroline

A New Taste Sensation

So yesterday, I was eating my dessert at one of our fine local eating
establishments, Smitty's Family
. I realized I still had a piece of veal left over from
the main course. No, veally, I did! So, ever the adventurous type, I
thought, how would the combination of veal and ice cream taste? No,
veally, I did. Oh wait, I used that line already. No, veal ... I
digress. So, anyway, I tried it. You know what? Is's actually very good.
I recommend it. What do I call it? I know, vealnilla ice cream!


Oh wonderful, sweet darling of mine ... This is the beginning of this years LJ Idol competition. The idea here is to embrace your new readers, get to know them, and make them feel welcome. With entries like this one you're going to make the poor new people, (and even some of the older ones), run screaming for their bathrooms and the tender loving embrace of John the toilet bowl. GRIN!!! Oh well. SMILE!
I like to think of it more as broadening horizons, Honey. You should try it. The veal and ice cream, I mean.
I think just being the love of your life has broadened her horizons my dear. :)
I'm trying to work out if that was a compliment or an insult. Hmmm.
Ah, come on! It was a compliment of course. Smile. :)