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Bruce, Caroline

A Very Disturbing LJ Incident

This morning, I posted a protected entry to my LJ, an entry marked friends only. In it, I mentioned some personal issues I was going through. I felt secure about this ... only friends could see it, right?

This evening, checking my e-mail, I got a comment from someone using the username nicetitsmom. I have no such username on my friends list. This person made a very rude and uncalled-for comment to what was a very heartfelt LJ entry. The comment was rude, it was uncalled-for, but what disturbs me even more is that apparently my LJ has been hacked, and its integrity is now obviously compromised. I realize that nothing posted on the Net is 100% secure, but this should not be allowed to happen. The comment was promptly deleted, meaning the only trace of this is the e-mail which I received. The LJ abuse report team will not accept a comment e-mail as evidence, meaning I have no recourse with LiveJournal. I'm not sure what to do about this ... it's left me rather frazzled and concerned. I really don't know if I want to keep posting here, if this sort of thing can happen. What of private entries? Is this person getting his or her jollies from things I've posted to myself? This is, to say the least, disconcerting.


I'd email the comment to them anyway. Neverminding the fact it was abusive, it's obviously evidence of a larger security issue with LJ. And if the staff won't look at it purely based on that, I'll resurrect my old blog and to hell with it. At least there I have control over my own security.

Oh, and, they don't *usually* accept comment emails from users because most spam/abusive comments are the anonymous type, and the emails don't contain an IP address or anything they can generally use. However in this case, with the username still actually existing, I'd say give it a try. If it goes sideways, I'll scream at the LJ staff for you.
You can always count on James to hold the torch of freedom for you, :-)