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Bruce, Caroline

Pressing, Earth-Shattering Question

How do you copyright a calendar? I mean, how can you claim copyright on
a calenar? If it were a photo calendar, or tactile equivalent, then
maybe I'd understand. But just an ordinary calendar. Copyright, 2008.
What possible scenario could violate that copyright?


It has nothing to do with the object, but the time put into it. Maybe the calendar has a fancy border, nice picture with each day, a theme, so yes i can see the copyright. I'd rather see a copyright, then some of the absolute puke that's out there claiming to be original work.
Nothing special. Just a braille calendar, uses the same braille calendar format a dozen other braille calendar makers use, computer printout with standard plastic voers and standard comb binding. I'm not sure what exactly is copyrighted her: the information isn't, if the format is copyrighted then every other braille calendar manufacturer is in violation and has been since at least the mid seventies,w hich is when I saw my first braille calendar.