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Bruce, Caroline

A Selfish Day

Every now and then, I just have those days when I wish people would
gather around me and say all sorts of nice things about me. It's
exceedingly selfish of me and I know it, but today is just one of those
days. I just want to be made to feel that I matter. It's all kind of
stupid, I know, and there are probably some reading this who feel I
should get yelled at for daring to want validation, for thinking that
validation is important, for wanting validation when I really should be
thinking about how bad they have it, and so on. Go ahead and yell
at me. But this is how I'm feeling and I needed to get it out of my


your importance

Ofcourse you matter.
just today, you probably bought a coke.
Think of all the people who went into making that can of coke for you. Smply by buying and drinking it, you validated the work they do, and their reason for existing (though I suppose that might be depressing if they knew, since it could be a person operating a coke can filler really wants to be a financial advisor, and therefore he thinks canning coke isn't the reason for his existance, but let's not think too deeply about this, okay.)

Re: your importance

*GRIN* Thanks for the smile, I needed that. And it was two cans of Coke.

Re: your importance

OH this is beyond brilliant! I love this one! I am laughing very hard . LOL! Goodone!
Hey! I just saw this post! I was gone all morning and too busy to read LJ till now. So let me say a few nice things about you, because I want to, and because they're true, and because you're an awesome friend.
First, you put up with my expostulations today. I still can't get over that, and I don't know anyone else to talk to about it.
Second, you always either set me straight on religious matters or validate my opinion! You never criticize either, you do your best to try to explain! You're a supreme human being!
And third, I just love you to death!
Want me to come up with some more??? I can, ...
I don't think this is silly at all; I think it's brave. I feel exactly this way a lot of the time, but have never had the guts to ask for validation. I admire you for it.

I really like you; I think you have integrity and intelligence. You have strong faith, which I admire, but are open to others who have other points of view. You are also witty and fun. I am glad to know you.