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Bruce, Caroline

One More Appeal for Votes

Um, I promis if you vote for me this time, I won't add any more appeals
for votes in this LJ this season. Okay, I promise regardless I won't do
any more appeals for votes, those appeals just don't sit well with me.
But I think one of the main reasons I'm not doing particularly well this
week, aside from the fact that I've been placed in a very difficult
tribe (a challenge, ah yes, a challenge) is that, because I was quite
busy last week, I posted my entry quite late, so people didn't get the
chance to read it that they would normally get. Perhaps I'm just being
vain and the reason I'm not doing well is that my entry stunk, and if
that's the case I'm cool with that. But please, if you think my entry is
worth voting for, please go here</ a> and vote. Remember that you have to submit on my ballot to vote for
me, if that is your intention, submitting on the other three ballots
won't do it. Okay, I promise, no more appeals for votes this season in
LJ Idol, at least not in my LJ.


I actually like the appeals for votes, because I'm not really up on how this lj idol stuff works, and it's unlikely I would vote without the link you provide.
Well, I'll appeal to you personally then. *GRIN* It annoys some, and I don't want to annoy people. If you did vote for me, thank you. That applies to everyone ... I made it for another week.
I did! I'm glad you made it another week.