Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Hey, How'd That Happen?: LJ Idol, Week 9

You know those things people say to you all the time when you're down,
those "encouraging" sayings, "wise" proverbs, and assorted garbage that
just makes you shake your head and say, "Yeah, right, you really don't
understand but I'll shut up just to keep the peace?" Well doesn't it
just take the biscuit when these gems happen to actually be right and
you have to eat your disdain?

Here's a classic. I always loved this one. "Oh stop looking for a woman,
Bruce, and when you least expect it, it'll just happen." Yeah, sure.
Whatever. Maybe in a movie, maybe in a book, maybe to someone else, but
to me? No, not a chance.

So there I was, last August, resigning myself to remaining single for
life. I mean, it only made sense, right? I'd botched every previous
attempt, so it was only fitting that I detect a pattern, resign myself,
and enjoy that life of eternal singleness which happily-married people
were always trying to tell me wasn't really so bad. Well, if it wasn't
so bad, why did they get married, and why were they so happy, right?

But it was finally starting to happen! I was enjoying my singleness, I
was reveling in it. I wasn't hoping, I wasn't looking. Translation:
phase one of that annoying proverb had been achieved. Do I hear phase
two, anyone?

On August 5, I began talking to kittytech, henceforth
refered to as Caroline (for that is her name, you see). Oh this is
great, I thought, and even said as much to my roommate, here's a girl
whom I absolutely love talking to, and there's nothing between us and no
pressure. We're pals, nothing more, and isn't that just wonderful?

That ignorant bliss lasted for about a week. Pretty much exactly a
week, really. Because by August 12, I knew I was in love. I hadn't
wanted it, I hadn't asked for it ... I'd asked for the opposite ... But
it's what I got. And, totally unexpectedly, she felt the same way I did.
And, wonderfully, we still do.

The unexpected can bring terrible pain, and it can bring unspeakable
joy. In this case, I'm so glad to say, the unexpected has brought me
unspeakable joy.
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