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Bruce, Caroline

Point to Ponder

As I grow older, a lot of things that were once black and white with me
have become gray areas. Yet I'm seeing just the opposite in my people
around me. Conservatives blame liberals, liberals blame conservatives,
but both sides are just as guilty of it. They're right, and that's all
there is to it. I used to have all the answers, I used to have the
righteous indignation, I knew how things should be done and I was
shocked that anyone might think otherwise. As I get older I realize I
have many more questions than answers, and I'm not at all sure anymore
about how things *should* be done, and I get infinitely frustrated with
the ranters who think they have all the answers.


Maybe people are just getting old and grouchy. LOL! But see, I think a lot of black-and-white thinking comes from a decidedly idealistic but naive view of the world. That was the case with me, as I used to be so damn naive and idealistic your teeth would hurt. You may not be able to keep the idealist totally down, but I at least learned how to ground him with cynicism and what I think is realism at least. But I think part of why people adopt a pet idiology is that they want to let somebody do all the thinking and have all the answers. When you have a constant and instant enemy to blame for what's wrong with everything, it takes a lot of weight from the shoulders and you don't actually have to take responsibility for making life better for people since you've just convinced yourself you had no hand in making life the living cess pool it is. It's the other guy wearing that other hat's fault, not me, the good guy in the white hat who always does everything right. You see what I mean?
This is one of the most insightful things I've read in a long time. Thanks so much.
No problem. I'm considering making my own post about this, but I have to think a bit and gather up the words nad all. But yeah, I think there are folks who just can't deal well with how things change constantly and they want simple answers to very complex problems. If the simple answer is to blame some enemy, real or fake, all the better.