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Bruce, Caroline

I Was Wrong

I was wrong to recommend Easy CD-DA Extractor from Poikosoft to people. It once was a
very, very accessible program, but has become increasingly less so over
the versions. It is still a marvelous tool for burning audio or data
CD's or data DVD's. But for ripping CD's, version 12 is all but
unusable, or at least it has been in my experience. The author insists
that standard controls are being used, and if our screen readers can't
handle standard controls, that's our problem. I am truly sorry to anyone
who, on my recommendation, may have purchased this program and given its
author money he does not deserve. If you are looking for a good,
accessible burning solution, Easy CD-DA Extractor meets those
qualifications. But as other accessibility has decreased over the
versions, who knows what may happen with the burning capabilities. I
really thought the author was committed to trying to make the program
accessible, but clearly he is not, and my public endorsement of the
program was unfounded. The track listings and the file location controls
are not standard controls, nowhere near standard controls. The author
says he will not sacrifice functionality for accessibility. We are not
asking for decreased functionality, was are simply asking for the
accessibility. It is unfortunate that it has come to this. Again, my
sincere apologies for the high praise and recommendation I gave for this
program in the past.



Psst! No need to tag your post as "eating crow." :) This kind of thing happens to us all too often. I can vouch for the program's quality in the past, I started noticing trouble in the later builds of version 10. The author slowly but steadily moved away from labeling his controls and seems to be using a drag and drop program editor now. At first I thought it was just me having trouble or Jaws getting weird. Then I found out that it was happening to two of my friends as well.

For ripping, I'm back to using either CDex or Windows Media Player. I know neither one is perfect, but I sure do like their price. ;) CDex still works and can sound really good if you set it up correctly.
I tried CDex, but was finding occasional gaps within some of the tracks, which was unacceptable to me.