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Bruce, Caroline

Fear for my Country

The Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois have just signed a deal to form a coalition government to take down the current government here in Canada. I have never been as afraid for the future of my country than I am now.



That's a fairly amazing piece of news. I had to go Google it to find out whether you were even serious or if you were joking and I'd missed the punchline. So, what do you think will happen? I'm not very well-versed in Canadian politics.
There are a lot of unknowns.

In power right now are the Conservatives. They were twelve seats away from a majority government. Very close, but no cigar.

The official opposition is the Liberals. They are led by Stéphan Dion. Extremely inexperienced, and he ran on a platform of raising taxes and adding an environmental tax.

Next up is the NDP. This is the extreme socialists party, a few miles left of your Democratic party. They have never been in power, ever, federally.

Bringing up the rear is the Bloc Québecois. This party was founded in the late eighties for one purpose, and one purpose only: to facilitate the separation of Québec from the rest of Canada.

It's the BQ that scares me the most: one of the three parties joining together to try and run the country is the party dedicated to splitting up the country. The coalition will be led by Stéphan Dion. This after the Liberals got their second-worst electoral showing in the history of Canada. What does this mean for democracy? What does it say about the sacredness of the electoral process? What does it tell me that my vote means? It tells me that democracy is dead, that three parties can conspire to overthrow the current government without any electoral input. I shudder at the implications of a Dion-led country.
Where would be a good online source of news about this that I could check as things unfold?
One good source is my favorite radio station, www.cjob.com. Another would be www.cbcnews.ca