Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Please Don't Take This Personally

The dog ate my LJ Idol entry? No, that doesn't sound plausible. Aliens
landed on my desk and wiped my computer's hard drive before I had a
chance to write an entry? No, that won't do, I stopped listening to Coast to Coast AM a long time
ago. Oh hey, I know! I had to clean my room, and it took me all week to
do it! No, wait, nobody who's seen my room would think it remotely
possible that I could clean it up in only a week and without a fleet of
bulldozers. We must be realistic here. Okay, then, the truth.

The truth is that I couldn't come up with anything. For one thing,
misunderstandings and taking things personally often involve hurt
feelings. I don't want to cause any hurt feelings, particularly when
those bridges would have been mended ages ago. A contest, any contest at
all, just isn't worth reopening wounds for the sake of winning. I also
really can't think of the type of story Gary wants us to write about for
this week's LJ Idol.

So, I guess, my entry this week will have to just be an explanation for
the lack of an entry that addresses the topic. Likely as not, I'll be
out of the contest by Monday. If not, well hey, wonderful. But if I am,
may I just take the time to express sincere thanks to everyone who read
my stuff, everyone who commented, everyone who voted, and everyone who,
after reading my stuff, felt it not to be worthy of their vote. Gary,
you've run a fantastic contest so far, and I've enjoyed every aspect of

So that's it, that's my entry, do with it what you will. And, if you
vote me out this weekend, I'll still be hanging around, and you can bet
I'll be back next year.
Tags: lj idol

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