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Bruce, Caroline

Give Me a Pizza Your Mind

We're having a bitter, angry, violent, and terrifyingly vicious argument (okay, it's actually a quiet, friendly discussion) on a mailing list about pizza, so I thought I'd bring this question to you, the reader.

Poll #1314086 Pizzapalooza

What makes or breaks a pizza, i.e. it's all about the ...

Toppings in general
Appearance of the waitress
Beverage served with it
Some combination of the above
Something else, please specify in comment
Nothing, I just hate pizza


Hey! :)

this'll start off off-topic, but it will be on-topic in a sec. Just was wondering about what happened with your show. You'd said you were going to start back in October, but you never did. None of us are mad at you or anything--we're not going to throw a pizza at you or anything. Speaking of pizza, my answer to the poll would have been something in the other category--taste. Anyway, I personally just was wondering about the show, but it's cool. No worries about it.

Re: Hey! :)

Oh my gosh, I need to send JAmes a huge, huge apology and an explanation. I totally screwed up, I was in the wrong here. I wanted to find a station that could just let me FTP my prerecorded show somewhere and let the automation take it over from there, since I can't be relied upon to be around all the time when my show airs. James was willing to do what he could, but I would still have to stream my prerecorded show, which meant I would have to be around to do it. I thought about it and decided I just couldn't, not because I didn't appreciate it but because I couldn't be depended on to be where I needed to be. I fully intended to tell James and to apologize, but I completely forgot amid the mess that has been my life of late, and I was entirely and utterly in the wrong.