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Bruce, Caroline

Irish Revisionist History: A Personal View

If you look through the obscure topics of libraries, some of the
lesser-traveled corners of the internet, or inside clauderainsrm's head, you will discover that Irish Revisionist
History has a long and sordid past.

By virtue of the fact that Irish Revisionist History is, as they say,
historic, it follows that the subject does have a history, as, without
one, we would be stuck with Irish Revisionist Present-dayity and Irish
Revisionist Futuriciousitude (you'll forgive me for slipping into
technical jargon. It's what we Irish Revisionist History buffs call
made-up, and it happens all the time in the Irish Revisionist
History biz).

So to which school of thought do I subscribe? Do I subscribe to the
first Irish Revisionist History school of thought to show itself, or the
second, third, or fourth? Or have I, in the painstaking research on the
subject which I never got around to doing, developed my own theory?

To properly grasp my view on the subject of Irish Revisionist History,
one must first gain an understanding of just what, precisely, is meant
by the term. When was it coined? Why, and by whom? What was his or her
motivation in doing so, did it reflect a personal bias, or a truly
objective vision with regards to the subject matter?

Once you grasp the above, please enlighten me, for I have no idea at all
what Irish Revisionist History is.


I did a Google search for Irish revisionist history, ans sure enough, the third result was my own entry, not an hour after I wrote it. That's impressive.