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Bruce, Caroline

A New Invention: Is this Asking So Much?

I've read about it in history books. If I think far enough back, in fact, I may even have owned one far off in the oh-so-distant past. But humanity seems to have forgotten this device, none seems to exist any more.

Here's what I envision: it'a a cellphone. What does it do? It makes and receives calls. What else does it do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No phone book, address book, text messaging, hotkey for popular WEP-compatible porno sites,, you can't connect it to anything, let alone sinc it with anything, because there's nothing to sync. It's just a cellphone that makes and receives calls! Nothing more!

You see, my contract with Rogers ends in February. Because I hate Rogers's coverage in this area, plus their narrow definition of what constitutes a local incoming call, I've had it with Rogers. I personally want to cancel my cellphone completely at the end of February, to save cash. Most people I know are trying, very nicely, to dissuade me from this idea. I might be more receptive to it if I could just find a good old-fashioned no-frills-whatsoever phone. I don't want to play MP3's on my phone, I don't care what the ringer sounds like, as long as I can hear it, I don't care if it keeps track of all my appointments, as if I were important enough to have all these vitally important appointments. Why can't I just have a nice cellphone devoted entirely to the making and receiving of calls? I can't afford one with 80 gigs of internal flash and all the other stuff to make that talk. And I'm not complaining about what I can or can't afford. It seems to me that a phone to do what I want wouldn't cost a whole lot. But I don't know, because such a phone simply doesn't seem to exist!


I have one of those non-frill phones, and I paid less than 20 euros for it. It's a pre-paid phone, where you pay as you use it. Perhaps there is something like that available in your area?

your idea is a god one.

The only problem with this, or so in the States anyway, is that you need to keep it on for a certain number of minutes, and forbid heaven if you forget and use a minute past your allotted time, it's like twenty five cents or even more per minute. Or that's ow i am thinkink they work, I could be completely wrong. But I hope you get some sort of thing worked out, you're not the first blind person I know of to want just a phone, nothing else. Good luck.