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Bruce, Caroline

If I Had Wealth

If I Had Wealth
By Me

If I had wealth
I'd sleep away
All the hours
In the day,
I'd snore and dream,
In bed I'd stay,
'Cause who needs eating
I'd spend a lifetime
In the hay
If I had wealth.

If I had cash
Oh how I'd sleep!
Yes, I would slumber
Long and deep,
And to myself
I sure would keep,
For me you'd never
Have to weep,
I'd say to naptime
"Hey, thanks a heap!
If I had cash.


Yes, and if you slept all that time away there'd be no Coke for you either. I guess that'd leave more for the rest of the world then, huh? GRIN!!!
The way I'm feeling, the world can have the Coke.