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Bruce, Caroline

Is There a Point?

If people don't listen to my show, then that is not their fault, responsibility or problem, it's mine, strictly and completely mine.

If anyone is interested in my show, they're not showing it. And again, that is my responsiblity, not anyone else's. No one is in any way obligated to drop two hours of their life for the likes of me. If they're going to give any of their time, it muust be because they are interested. I don't want to be humored, I don't want any of that. If what I come up with is a load of crap that no one wants to listen to, fine, I can take that. But it would be nice to know one way or the other.

I'll never, ever be one of those broadcasting magnets that attracts tons of loyal listeners who would sooner miss their spouse's funeral than miss a show. I'm not aspiring for that. I enjoy doing what I'm doing, if it brighten's anyone's week a little. But if I'm pouring my heart and soul into performing to a vacuum each weekend, then what the bloody heck is the point? Just who am I kidding?

I need to know if I should continue with this or if I should just give it up, admit that it's been a failed effort, and move on with my life. If it's the latter, then fine. No hard feelings. I can accept it if I don't have a product that people are interested in, can be bothered with , or what have you. But I pour my heart and soul into these shows, it takes a lot out of me, and if I'm doing it for no purpose, then there's no reason to continue trying it. The onus is on me to entertain, period. End of story. If I'm not doing that, I need to pack it in gracefully.


I say stick with it for a specified period of time--a year sounds good to me--and then decide. New ventures are rarely successful sooner than that (the conventional wisdom says to expect a new business not to turn a profit for at least two years). And today was Superbowl Sunday, after all.

I for one plan to listen, but it takes me some time to get a new habit going, so have patience, okay? It will be fine.