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I Love the Weekend

Well, I got home last night still feeling pretty darned miserable about the whole job situation. My boss e-mails me: Are you sure you want to work for an organization like that?, he says. Nice try Sean. For that kind of salary/benefits increase??? It's substantial, and CNIB needs to realize the disparity between what it's willing to pay and what other agencies are willing to pay. And then there's this myth that the cost of living is so substantially lower here than in other parts of the country. It's this myth which means that a Manitoba proofreader will make 20% less than his or ehr counterpart in Toronto. And the starting salary for a reader adviser, an important but largely unskilled position (no offense), is substantially higher than what a proofreader (very much a skilled position) makes after eight years. My boss knows all this, of course, but his hands are tied. So if I can rake in about forty grand a year, it's not exactly a huge sum, but it's enough to be comfortable on, and it should satisfy prospective in-laws, should I ever have them, about my financial viability, especially if you take into account the income I get from the farmland I inherited from my dad.

So I got home and had a really nice chat with funblindsinger. I don't know how she's able to cheer me up, last night I wouldn't have thought it possible, but darn it if I wasn't smiling by the time the call was through! Thanks Allison.

I woke up with a pretty miserable headache, but I took something for it which is working and I feel considerably better. I even have a feeling of goodwill toward the civil service!

I've ordered delivery from, they wouldn't deliver last weekend because of Labor Day. Lots and lots of chocolate milk, among other stuff.

And that takes us to the present. This whole business of making something out of myself is no easy task, but the dividends could be tremendous.

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