Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

Things I Wish People on Mailing Lists Knew

  • When a point is irrlevant or of no consequence, it's a moot
    point, not a mute point.
  • The word "an", not the word "a" should be used when the word
    following it has a vowel sound. You don't send a e-mail, you send
    an e-mail.
  • You use the words "and I" if the phrase in question is in the
    subject, but you use "and me" if it's in the predicate.
  • The comma was invented to be used, not to be ignored or abused. The
    comma is your friend: use it as intended.
  • The word "waranty" and "warantee" do not mean the same thing. The
    thing you buy is a warranty, with a "y", and once you have bought it,
    you then become the warantee.
    With a double "e".
  • My being on a mailing list with you does not make me your friend. It
    is our being friends that makes me your friend. So don't use the word
    "friend" unless you truly believe that your recipients all are your
  • Your dog did not write your e-mail. Your dog did not know you were
    writing the e-mail, and would not care if he or she did know. Your dog
    does not even know what an e-mail is, its purpose, or its consequences,
    so signing your dog's name to your message is an untruth.
  • If you are a ham radio operator, you are part of a minority. You are
    probably one of maybe 0.5% of the population of the planet who has any
    inkling of what "73" means. Don't assume your recipients are also in
    that 0.5 percentile.
  • Do you not see the irony in cluttering up the list members' e-mail
    boxes telling them how tired you are of people cluttering up your e-mail
Tags: rant

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