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Bruce, Caroline

Small Cars and HArd Heads Explained

I neglected to explain my subject line in my previous entry, as I got
caught up in other things.

I was on my way to work today. The car I was in was very, very small,
and I was jammed in the back seat behind a driver who clearly liked to
sprawl and had his seat way back. So because I'm both tall and fat, I
was squished. I had to duck, and even so, every time we hit a bump of
any kind, the top of my head would hit the roof of the car.

kittytech, in her infinitely helpful way, said that it was
too bad about my head, but at least it was hard enough that it shouldn't
be a problem. Sheesh! Talk about supportive girlfriends!


Yes, isn't she wonderful?
I am, aren't I? SMILE!!!!
LOL! Poor Bruce! You not only get squished and hit your head on the roof, but then you have to put up with Caroline being ornery. she did, however, learn it from you. :)
Now, is she being mean, or just positive? I mean, after all, if she wasn't right, you wouldn't be here right now calling her unsupportive.
You know, it really pains me to admit that you've got a point. No, you don't know how much it pains me.
It's something you'll get used to, I'm sure.
Oh my god! It's the end of the world! You two actually agree on something. *passes out*
One of those fluke events. It'll never happen again, I'm sure. <GRIN>