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Bruce, Caroline

Remembering Paul Harvey

When I was growing up, the world stopped when Paul Harvey came on the air. Before I could understand, I still loved his voice. And slowly I started to understand, and to appreciate.

Around high school I stopped listening, even more so around college. I forgot all about the name Paul Harvey.

Then one day at work, in early 1994, I discovered him again, tuning around the radio dial. I started listening regularly, and appreciating. We didn't agree on everything. He was pro-choice, I am pro-life. He seemed to believe that a bomb like the ones in Japan that sped the end to World War II were what was needed to end the Iraq war, I believed we shouldn't have gone in there in the first place. And so on and so forth. But still, I loved the man, I appreciated what he had to say, I trusted him.

In 1999, Winnipeg hosted the Pan-American games, a major undertaking, and we hosted them well. Each day I listened to Paul Harvey, knowing that if the games had been in the United States, he would have at least mentioned them. But no mention of the games at all was to be found. so I sent him a fax. He read my fax on the air, and said, "Bruce, I owe you." Never mind that he'd pronounced my last name wrong, he still acknowledge me on the air, and I was honored about that.

Mr. Harvey died today, at age 90. There's very little public knowledge about this, so I have no dea why he died. But he earned the right, no question about it. A part of radio history is gone.

If you really disliked Paul Harvey, please save it for another forum. You're entitled to that opinion, and I wouldn't deny it, but please save it for somewhere else. I'm deeply saddened for me, though I'm happy that he is now with his beloved Angel.


I'm sad too.
I don't know anyone who isn't. At least he had family by his side. Bruce i agree that we didn't agree on everything, but I hope he enjoys reuniting with his wife.
Thank you for posting this. He was a large part of my world too.
It's like I said on my Facebook status. "Good day, Paul. You'll be missed".
He was definitely a legend.