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Bruce, Caroline

I Doled Out Another Pole

I think I did an Idol pole once before. Well tough, here's another, so there.

Poll #1368758 Thou Shalt Not Commit Idolatry

American Idol is

the best thing since sliced Coke
a wonderful show that I never miss.
kinda fun.
something I can take or leave.
not my cup of ketchup, but something I'll listen to if there's nothing else.
blisteringly, mind-numbingly dull.
something I'd probably enjoy if I could hear and/or see.
the kind of show that makes me glad to be deaf and/or blind.


None of the above?
Okay. Fine. So what have I missed? Bile-inducing and year-old-meat-like?
Well ... yeah, that's basically it. LOL No, my actual objection to the show is that it is mean spirited and disrespectful of the people who appear on it. The season openers make fun of people who audition and do not do well, and does it in a particularly mean way while inviting the viewer to laugh along, and I feel very uncomfortable with that. And then the judges are disrespectful (it is possible to offer constructive criticism respectfully, but they don't), and when contestants get voted off the show, the results are delivered with as much anxiety producing suspense as possible. I know all of this is done in the name of entertainment, but to me it is entertainment akin to ten year old boys watching their friend pull the legs off a spider or something. I do watch the show because my daughters watched is so enthusiastically season after season, so I finally decided to see what they were so excited about. And now I watch it with them because I think that's a more workable option than forbidding them to watch it. So, at least I can comment on how mean it all is, and hope some of that message sinks in.
I wish those were clicky boxes intead of radio buttons LOL! I would hae choosen the last one as well. My 55-year-old mother enjoys these types of shows... and I always comment, "He sounds good!"

I get some interesting stares...

"How would you know? You are deaf!"