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Bruce, Caroline

Good Night

What a wonderful evening. Good night everyone.


Hey Bruce...sorry to hear about the job situation. I still think you have a shot though, so keep your chin up. I know a few people in government positions who get paid a lot of money for very little work, so I can see why you would want this (although I know you are a great worker!).

On another note, I have a question - how did you change the layout for your Journal? HTML or is there a setting that you changed? I would like to add a nicer look to my own LJ.
Hi Deb,

Thanks. I do believe I've got a very good shot at the job. I don't want to be over-confident, but I am very qualified for it and one of few people who are.

As for the customization of the LJ, what I did was go into the support section, then the FAQ section, then I did a search for "styles", and got some info that way. I'd like to find some simple style that begins each entry with a heading (that makes it easy to navigate if you're blind) and also has a list of links to my Website and so on.
And what made your night so wonderful? It couldn't have been the presence of a young cute American college student, could it? Lol! hugs!
Give the young, cute American college student a prize, she's right again!
Lmao! Hugs!