Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

You Want a Mac with those Fries?

Editorialist's Note</b: Not all Mac users fall into the mold I create in this article. It was inevitable. With some blind people making the change from Windows-based computers to Macs, it was inevitable. When these people made the change, a huge number of them made it absolutely loud and clear that they were changing platforms, and anyone who didn't was, essentially, an idiot. One of the reasons for some of us idiots not changing was that Windows is still the OS of choice for the majority: we wanted compatibility. "Oh no, you idiots," states this self-righteous subset of Mac users, "Everything Windows can do, the Mac can do a zillion times better, more efficiently, and you're a major idiot for not changing, you obviously don't have the technical skills to change, like smart Mac users like I do." Well, now we're seeing it. One of the consequences of moving from the majority to the minority is that software developers will still favor the majority. So a program comes out, the developer will target the biggest audience and often make a Windows client available first. Then comes the cry of injustice from the Mac user: This is unacceptable, it's unfair, I have the right to use the same programs that the idiots who didn't switch are using, and I want them now, now, now, now, now! To these people, I say one thing: You made your bed, sleep in it. You switched to a Mac for a reason, and no doubt it was a good choice for you personally. But just as there are disadvantages of sticking with Windows, welcome to a real world in which there are also disadvantages to switching to the Mac. Life's just like that: you can't have your cake and eat it to.

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