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Bruce, Caroline

New Cellphone

Well, I don't think I did too badly for my new cellphone. I found one
with no PDA functions on it, a back-to-basics phone. My plan I'm happy
with too. For $24.99 ($33.99, really, with this so-called system access
fee that all Canadian providers stick us with), I get 350 weekday
minutes, evenings and weekends starting at 6 (unlimited), unlimited
local calls to 5 numbers of my choice, and mobile to mobile calls free.
Mini voice-mail is included. And for anyone who wants it, my new
cellphone number is ###-###-####.


Great! That number will be a bit hard for me to remember, but I'll try, so I can call you sometime. LOL! Perhaps a random call at three in the morning just to say what a good morning it is and to rise and shine. LOL!
No PDA functions? What do you have against love?
LOLOLOLOL I have nothing against love, but when a cellphone expresses in in a personal display kind of way, I get worried.