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Three Days in Twenty Minutes

As the weekend approaches, you are surely asking yourself, "What will be
on Toews on the Waves this weekend?" You're not? Well, I'll tell you

Has it ever occurred to you that there are rather a lot of songs that
feature yesterday, today and tomorrow? Well, it's occurred to me, and I
thought I'd explore the notion in our twenty-minute spotlight this week.
So explore it I shall, and you, dear listener, will be the benefactor of
these explorations. As with many of these themes, this week's spotlight
will encapsulate all sorts of musical genres, so there's bound to be
something you'll like in our mix. We've also got our usual features too:
Songs I Can't Stand (and remember, I'm not saying those songs are bad,
just that I can't stand them), Ripley's Believe It or Not, your
requests, and a whole lot more. There's still time to get your request
in, too: you can call 206-203-3070; you can e-mail me at;
you can send your request by Twitter to totwlegend. Would you prefer to
reach me via a different method? Let me know what it is and maybe I can
incorperate it, too.

We'll start hour #2 off with an episode of the Great Gildersleeve,
starring Harold Perry, and we'll close out the show with a special Jack
Benny program, in which Jack introduces his cast to us, the audience.

So once the Mosen Explosion is over on Sunday, why not kick back and
relax with Toews on the Waves. It will be my goal to see to it that you
don't regret it. We're on Sundays at 7:00 PM Eastern, right after
Jonathan's show wraps up. The show also repeats Wednesdays at the same
time. If you know how to listen to the Mosen Explosion, you know how to
listen to Toews on the Waves. Direct your browser to that truly fabulous
site, www, Among the incredible wealth of information
you'll find there is a link to The Legend. Click on that, and then
choose your favorite way to listen among the multifarious choices
offered. Then grab your favorite beverage or something, and enjoy the
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