Bruce Toews (masterofmusings) wrote,
Bruce Toews

The Week I Wish Wouldn't End

This is my second week visiting kittytech. To say that the week has been pure delight would be to put it mildly. Caroline has been so good to me, far more wonderful than I deserve. I'm touched, I'm blessed beyond measure, I'm grateful beyond words.

The food? You bet, the food's been wonderful. Caroline is a marvelous cook. The fun? You bet, just being together has been lots of good clean fun, and the comaraderie has been beyond measure. But far beyond any of these things is the knowledge of being loved. I am blessed most incredibly, and I know it.

I want to write it all up, but there aren't the words, it just goes so much deeper. If you follow brucetola (that's me) on Twitter, you'll see some of what this is all about in the up-to-the-minute banter that goes on between her and me.

God has blessed me so richly. May I always do what I can to be as worthy as possible of that blessing.
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