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Bruce, Caroline

I Love my CocaCola

I Love my CocaCola

by Bruce Toews


Sung to the Tune of Paloma Blanca

When I open up the cooler,
And the bottle's in my hand,
I can feel the condensation,
Oh this drink will be so grand.

My heart's filled with such excitement,
As I turn the bottle cap,
I can hear the Coke a-fizzing,
As I free it from its trap.

I love my CocaCola,
I like it more ev'ry day,
I love my CocaCola,
Perfect in every way,
I need more, there
Can be no delay.

Once they sold Coke in glass bottles,
Tasted even better then,
Coke is great now but it sure was
Even better way back when.



So you singing this on the next TOTW? I hope so! hahaha Hugs.
Yes he definitely ought to sing it on the next TOTW. I vote for singing by Bruce as a regular feature. :) What a great piece of work Bruce, love it.